Custom Sails Yacht

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Why Custom Sails yacht?

The sail, the very essence of a sails yacht, isn't just a utilitarian feature. It is a significant part of your vessel's identity and a canvas that narrates a story. Printing your sails offers a myriad of benefits.

Firstly, it adds a protective shield against harsh weather conditions and UV radiation, enhancing their longevity and performance. This protective layer prevents wear and tear from continuous exposure to the elements, ensuring your sails maintain their optimal performance for a longer time.

Furthermore, custom sails contribute to a cohesive and striking aesthetic throughout your maxi yacht. A well-chosen color palette and design can seamlessly blend with your sails yacht's overall theme, turning your vessel into a harmonious work of art that's a pleasure to behold.

Lastly, a uniquely printed sail is a statement, a way for your maxi yacht to leave a distinctive mark among a sea of vessels. Your maxi yacht becomes a floating piece of art, reflecting your personal style and ethos, drawing eyes wherever it sails.

Personalized Sails

At Yachting Identity, we don't merely print sails; we breathe life into them. Our team of seasoned professionals apply years of experience and deep technical knowledge to create custom sails for maxi yachts. Our sail marking services begin with a thorough consultation to understand your vision and needs. We consider factors such as the fabric and condition of the sail, the overall design language of the yacht, and your personal aesthetic preferences.

Utilizing high-quality print, our specialists painstakingly apply the design onto the sail, ensuring a smooth, uniform finish that's durable and visually stunning. Our rigorous quality control process guarantees that every sail marking we undertake meets our high standards of excellence and durability.

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Experience at Ocean Identity

Our background at Ocean Identity testifies to our capability to customize sails for a variety of pleasure boats. We worked with yacht owners to bring their visions to life, transforming their sails into genuine floating artworks.

Whether for a small sailing boat or a luxury sailing yacht, each project at Ocean Identity was a fresh opportunity for us to innovate and perfect our craft. This experience in customizing sails for different types of boats allows us to approach every new project with a unique perspective, guaranteeing a result that is both beautiful and functional.

© Sails from Saint-Tropez / Picture Gilles Martin-Raget

Capability to Print Large Sails

Our facilities are equipped to handle the demands of large-scale projects. We have a sprawling 750m2 floor space that can comfortably accommodate even the largest of sails. To further enhance our capabilities, we are excited to announce an upcoming 600m2 extension to our workspace, expected to be completed by the end of 2023. This expansion will allow us to take on even more ambitious projects, further pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in personalized sails yacht.

The team at Yachting Identity is no stranger to large-scale projects. During our tenure at Atelier Sur Mer, we worked on sizeable ventures, including sails for Airseas and SolidSail intended for sail freighters. These projects defied conventional scale and tested the boundaries of our creativity and craftsmanship. But with our expertise, we were able to produce spectacular, resilient sail markings for these large vessels. These experiences honed our skills, readying us to handle projects of any size and complexity with competence and assurance.

© Maxime d'Angeac & Martin Darzacq for Orient Express, Accor

Accomplishments at L’Atelier Sur Mer

The Yachting Identity team boasts a rich history of successful projects at Atelier Sur Mer, demonstrating our extensive experience and unparalleled skills.

Notable examples of our work include the sails for Edmond de Rothschild and Charal. These projects serve as a testament to our commitment to quality and attention to detail, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted partner for personalized sails yacht.

Your Yacht, Your Identity

At Yachting Identity, we believe that yachts are grand canvases that can depict your distinct taste and personal style.