Custom Yacht Crew Uniform

Why personalized your crew's outfits?

Embark on a journey of unique style with our premium custom yacht crew clothing, a beautiful blend of comfort and luxury tailored to reflect your superyacht's distinct character.

Imagine your crew, not merely as staff, but as an extension of your yacht's identity. Their attire isn't just clothing—it's a canvas painting your boat's unique narrative. Personalized crew outfits heightens the ambiance of sophistication aboard your superyacht, echoing your impeccable taste and meticulous attention to detail in every stitch and hue.

The Essence of Custom Yacht Crew Uniforms

A superyacht isn't just a vessel—it's a statement, a testament to its owner's personality and taste.Custom Yacht Crew Uniforms serve as threads woven into the fabric of this statement. Our expertly designed textile custom, from the choice of fabric and color to the fine embroidery, resonate with your yacht's aesthetics, enabling your crew to mirror your vessel's distinct identity. Every element is carefully curated to enrich the overall yachting experience.

Personalization Process

At Yachting Identity, we believe in translating your vision into reality with an unwavering commitment to luxury and exclusivity. Our personalization process is a voyage we undertake together, beginning with a comprehensive consultation to grasp your unique vision. We chart the course with design conceptualization, selecting the perfect fabric for comfort and elegance. Fitting sessions ensure each uniform adorns its wearer flawlessly, culminating in the delivery of beautifully crafted uniforms that breathe life into your vision.

Customization Possibilities

Whether you aspire to encapsulate the classic nautical spirit or yearn for an avant-garde reinterpretation, our customization possibilities are very many. We curate logos, determine their ideal placement, and offer a spectrum of colors to echo your yacht's theme. From crisp polo shirts and sleek jackets to comfortable trousers and stylish hats, we provide a range of custom yacht crew clothing items that promise to set your crew apart.

Different textile custom technique

Discover the custom techniques offered by our team from Costard Sérigraphie. From embroidery and silkscreen printing to Direct to Film (DTF) printing, we have mastered a diverse array of methods to bring your vision to life. Each technique shines in its unique way, making the best choice reliant on your specific needs and design aspirations for tailored crew clothing..


Embroidery, a prestigious method that fuses both tradition and innovation, is your go-to for high-quality, enduring textiles. With the aid of advanced digital embroidery machinery, your designs come alive through the use of robust, superior threads. The result is a textile with a tactile allure and a visually stunning finish that perfectly blends with any garment.

Whether it's a straightforward logo or a complex pattern embellishing accessories or clothing, embroidery delivers a touch of elegance and durability that outlasts both time and the elements, making it a favourite for yacht crew clothing customization.

Silkscreen printing

Immerse in the world of vibrant and deep colors with silkscreen printing. This technique directly imprints your vision onto the fabric, giving birth to a design that's not only durable but resistant to fading, even under harsh marine conditions.

Our adept team can implement silkscreen printing on almost any textile, providing a versatile solution for various applications.

Direct to Film

Embrace an unprecedented level of precision and detail with Direct To Film (DTF) printing. Offering digital-quality sharpness and high-resolution imagery, DTF is a gateway to new realms of customization. The method involves transferring your design onto a specific film which is then applied to the fabric, producing a radiant, detailed image that faithfully replicates the original design.

Choose DTF for a seamless blend of quality, speed, and resilience, and experience the art of textile decoration in a whole new light.

At Yachting Identity, we're not just a team of experts, we're an interconnected network of specialized professionals working tirelessly to provide you with the most exquisite superyacht crew clothing. We've partnered with our esteemed sister company, Costard Sérigraphie, to bring you an unmatched level of textile decoration expertise for your custom yacht crew clothing.

Costard Sérigraphie, renowned for their mastery in nautical textile custom, brings their wealth of experience to our team. They are the secret behind our ability to offer you the most waterproof clothing, resilient against even the toughest marine conditions. To deliver on this promise, they maintain partnerships with prestigious suppliers known for their superior quality and performance, including Guy Cotten, Helly Hanssen, Musto, and MarinePool.

But our collaborations are not limited to waterproof textiles alone. We also work closely with Stanley/Stella for decoration non-waterproof textiles, a partnership that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for your custom yacht crew clothing. Whether you need custom yacht crew clothing for the sunny deck or the chilly galley, our unique fusion of high-quality textiles and superior custom techniques ensures that your crew is dressed to impress, no matter the conditions.

Our unparalleled collaboration with Costard Sérigraphie strengthens our commitment to offering an extensive range of high-quality, durable, and stylish yacht crew clothing. With a strong focus on precision, durability, and design, we ensure that your crew not only looks the part but feels comfortable and confident in their uniform. Trust in our expertise and experience, and allow us to transform your vision into a stunning reality.

Expertise of Our Team for a tailored crew clothing

Your Yacht, Your Identity

At Yachting Identity, we believe that yachts are grand canvases that can depict your distinct taste and personal style.