Super Yacht Wrapping

Why Choose Super Yacht Wrapping ?

Firstly, super yacht wrapping (or superyacht wrapping) also accommodates the use of various types of adhesive. From anti-slip to fluorescent, pearlescent to chrome, the choices are limitless, enhancing the visual appeal of your yacht.

Secondly, super yacht wrapping provides infinite possibilities for decorating your vessel, both externally and internally. It allows you to express your unique tastes and personality.

Lastly, as it's adhesive, it can be conveniently removed should you wish to change the's virtually impossible to distinguish between paint and yacht covering as it integrates seamlessly with the boat's hull, offering a stunning yet subtle transformation. Thus, yacht covering is not only a practical choice but an aesthetic one as well.

Super Yacht Wrapping

We excel in the art of yacht personalization. This craft requires not only an eye for design but also technical skill, and our team possesses both. Our services span from the hull to the cabin, and we meticulously transform each area to reflect your unique vision. Through our exterior superyacht wrapping services, we take your super yacht from a standard, impressive vessel to an maritime wonder.

Our wrappings serve as a double boon. They not only redefine the aesthetics of your yacht, enhancing its unique beauty and appeal, but also provide an added layer of protection. They safeguard your valuable asset from harsh marine elements, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Super Yacht Bodyfence

At Yachting Identity, we realize super yacht wrapping but use too Bodyfence films for superior superyacht maintenance, a solution ensuring prolonged beauty and resilience of your vessel. Crafted from polyurethane, these films serve as a nearly invisible yet incredibly strong protective layer against scratches, impacts, and the damaging effects of sun exposure.

But their benefits go beyond mere protection – Bodyfence films actively prevent dirt adherence, simplifying your super yacht's upkeep. Additionally, their glossy finish further enhances the majestic appearance of your superyacht, highlighting its unique design and paintwork. Explore the brilliance of the super yacht bodyfence service, where aesthetics and functionality sail hand in hand.

Super Yacht Interior

Our personalization services go beyond the exterior, reaching into the super yacht interior. With our expertise in adhesive decorations, we convert your interior of a yacht spaces into a luxurious haven that perfectly mirrors your personality and taste. Whether you seek to create a lavish, opulent atmosphere or a relaxed, minimalistic one, our team is adept at turning your vision into reality.

We are well-versed in utilizing space effectively and decorating with precision. Each room, hallway, and common area will be a reflection of your unique aesthetic, making your superyacht interior truly a home away from home.

Accessories Custom

In the world of luxury yachts, every detail matters. This includes the marking of accessories that complement the aesthetic of your yacht. Whether it's buoys, tarpaulins, cushions, or towels, we ensure consistency in design and aesthetic throughout. We handle the marking of each accessory, aligning them with the overall theme of your yacht.

Our designers meticulously detail each accessory to ensure enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your yacht. Through this attention to detail, we promise to enrich the overall yachting experience for you.

Small Vehicles Wrapping

The customization experience isn't restricted to your super yacht. Any smaller maritime vehicles that accompany your yacht, be it a jet ski or a smaller boat, can also embody the yacht's unique design. Our team is skilled at replicating the design elements of your super yacht onto these vehicles, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout your maritime fleet.

Through our services, your guests can experience the luxury and personalization of your super yacht, even when enjoying the thrill of jet skiing or boating.

photo of people riding power boat
photo of people riding power boat
a person riding a jet ski on a body of water
a person riding a jet ski on a body of water

Exceptional Wrapping

At Yachting Identity, no project is too complex or unique. Our services cater to challenging tasks that demand extra creativity and technical prowess. An example of such a project is our work with Solid Sail, where we provided wrapping services for large masts. This adaptability extends to super yachts with specific, unique features.

Whether you have an unusual architectural element or an unconventional space that needs to be decorated, our team has the capability and experience to handle it. We relish such challenges as they allow us to push our boundaries and deliver unparalleled results.

Your Yacht, Your Identity

At Yachting Identity, we believe that yachts are grand canvases that can depict your distinct taste and personal style.